Breaking Through the Terror Barrier

When we come face to face with stepping out of our comfort zone, we have two choices.  We can either retreat back to safety or we can plow through and break through our terror barrier.  At the beginning of this month,  I was invited to teach a yoga class to a  group of women entrepreneurs. When I was first invited the month prior, I quickly said yes.  I had set the intention January 1st of this year that I would grow my yoga business to reach more women and help them achieve more peace and purpose in their lives.  I was in absolute awe when the universe conspired so quickly to help me achieve my goal.

As the event drew closer, however, my terror barrier began to build.  My ego or  “X” factor kicked in.  I started to get  sick with a sore throat and cold.  I began having a panic attack.  We even experienced our first big snow storm of the year the night before I was to drive to the retreat.  In the past, any one of those things would have prevented me from going. But my “Why” for going was bigger than being sick, feeling the panic, or even being nervous about driving in the snow storm.  The answer to my “Why” was that I set my intention at the beginning of this year to grow my yoga business so that I can help more women like me experience the healing effects from the teachings of yoga.  My “Why” was bigger than any obstacle. So I busted through my Terror Barrier and I went for it.

I’d like to tell you that everything’s been comin’ up roses since then, but real life isn’t really like that,  is it?  Since the retreat, I have been plowing forward with building my business.  I’ve met with a business coach, signed up for a brand-building workshop, joined a Women Entrepreneur networking group,  and joined a group coaching for mompreneurs.   I’ve even used some of the knowledge shared at the retreat to build a Facebook ad to increase the number of participants at my next yoga workshop.

I should be over the moon with my efforts and where my business is headed, right?  Well, I was.  Until I saw that one person had taken her name off of my list of attendees for my next workshop.  She could be not coming for a number of reasons, but my ego or “X” is trying to convince me it’s because I’m not a good teacher, that this whole idea for building my dream yoga business is foolish, and who was I to ever think this could work out….yada yada yada.   You may have experienced this brain chatter before.  It’s insidious and destructive.  I know this.   I knew that I needed to pull out my strategies on how to bust through my terror barrier again.   Using a variety of strategies,  I was able to acknowledge my fear, but then move past it.

That’s the funny thing about Terror Barriers.  They can appear out of the blue when you think you’ve got everything under control, when things are swimming along beautifully.  And they can happen again and again, each and every time you leave your comfort zone.   That’s why it is so incredibly important to have some tools available to help you move through them, so that you don’t give the terror barrier the power to stop you in your tracks.

God’s blessings to you on your own journey.  I am grateful to have you by my side as I travel on mine.

Peace, Love, and Gratitude,


“The Yogini Next Door”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leslie Plesac
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 23:27:44

    Lisa~ Loved reading your blog! This is what Martha Beck Life Coaches refer to as the Inner Lizard! I’d love to help you work those thoughts. (We all have them!!!)
    Congrats to you for being courageous and continuing to create in spite of fear!
    XO Leslie


    • lisajoesten
      Feb 27, 2013 @ 02:10:19

      Thanks,Leslie! Would love to chat sometime. I’ve read some of Martha’s work, including Steering in Starlight and Finding Your Way in a Wild New World and they’ve really resonated with me. I’m so excited for you, too, as you begin your life coaching business!


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