Gratitude Part Two

I recently wrote about how living a life of gratitude has changed my life.    Practicing gratitude on a daily basis and in every aspect of your life is truly a trans-formative practice.

Having a heart filled with gratitude is more than being thankful. I had always thought of myself as a grateful person, but when I really dug deep down, I saw that I had taken a lot for granted, experienced a lot of “it’s not enough” situations, and lived for years trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Just a few short years ago, my husband and I were making more money than we  had ever dreamed possible;  we had a large home, took family vacations, bought what we wanted, when we wanted.  But I wasn’t happy.  In retrospect, I spent those years of seeming abundance in fear of losing it all and looking at what we didn’t have instead of being on my knees thanking God for all that He had given us….for our health, for the ability to make so much money, for the time we spent together as a family, for every little thing that we experienced day in and day out.  I say, “in retrospect” because at the time, I really wasn’t consciously aware that I wasn’t living a life of gratitude.  It was only years later, through some heart wrenching soul searching that I became aware of my lack of gratitude.

Traveling back even further, I recognized that I had not practiced gratitude growing up with my parents .  My parents sacrificed so much to provide a comfortable, happy life for my brother and myself.  They went without so that my brother and I had the clothes we needed, equipment to play the sports we wanted, cars to drive, and still generously worked hard to put us both through college.

Now instead of  wallowing  in a self depreciating pity party(which I would have done in the past!)  for not having the awareness at the time to express my gratitude,  I chose to “reframe” those past memories of ungratefulness by going back to each memory, living it out again in my mind, but this time ending it by saying thank you, thank you, thank you to God, to my parents, to whoever it was that was responsible for that experience.  With a heart full of gratitude, I moved through each of these past memories and expressed my gratefulness for each opportunity.   This is a powerful NLP practice that can help release you from your past so that you can move forward to live the life you were meant to live.

It is my wish that my story helps you in some small way.  I am so grateful that you took time out of your day to read my post.